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Harold Straker is an international speaker, presenting to corporate executives in the UK, Europe, USA and the Far East and delivering training courses, seminars, conferences and workshops to a wider public audience. In 1991, following a long and distinguished career in business, he created the Harold Straker organisation.

People benefiting from the coaching and counselling of Harold Straker include senior professionals, managers and directors from National Westminster Bank, Department of Employment, Reckitt and Colman, Abbey National, Sony, Home Office, Sun Alliance, Glaxo and Motorola.


Harold's many assignments have included Director of Communications Training for a leading business training consultancy, a Communication Consultant at the UK Human Resource Development conference, Communications Strategy Adviser to a ports authority in the Far East and negotiating skills Coach to Civil Service personnel for their market testing programme.

"You helped me turn a black art into a science" - Nick Kirkland, General Manager, Sony ISD

Harold Straker's Master Classes now bring the benefits of this experience directly to you.

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Harold entertaining the Alliance of Business Consultants at IBM UK's Marketing Headquarters in London.


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